5 players who could follow Adam Peters to the Commanders in 2024

Will Adam Peters turn to some familiar faces?

Adam Peters
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Commanders could sign Sebastian Joseph-Day (DL)

The Washington Commanders' once-vaunted defensive front didn't reach expectations in 2023. Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne couldn't meet the lofty contracts. With the team's fortunes fading fast, Josh Harris opted to trade the defensive end duo of Montez Sweat and Chase Young before the deadline.

Allen's made no secret about his unhappiness. Whether this results in a trade away from the Commanders this offseason remains to be seen. That's a massive call for general manager Adam Peters to make. Much will also depend on how the new head coach sees things.

Either way, the Commanders could use some additional depth on their defensive line. The likes of Efe Obada, Casey Toohill, and James Smith-Williams are out of contract and might not return. Could Peters turn to one of the San Francisco 49ers' final transactions before taking the Washington job in pursuit of filling the void?

Sebastien Joseph-Day was picked up extremely late in the process after being waived by the Los Angeles Chargers. This was done with a view to the former sixth-round selection landing on a contending team. He got his wish.

Joseph-Day might not set the world alight as a starter, but he is a dependable option capable of stepping in at a moment's notice. He can generate pressure from the interior and hold his own against the run. Again, this is probably a short-term option, but the Commanders must find the right balance between veterans and long-term pieces to hit the ground running in 2024.