5 moves to save Adam Peters $43M on Commanders salary-cap in 2024

The Commanders have ways to put themselves in an even better financial situation.
Adam Peters
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What moves could Adam Peters make to save the Washington Commanders around $43 million on their salary cap in 2024?

The Washington Commanders have put themselves in a strong financial position this offseason. They have the league's most available salary-cap space as it stands. Adam Peters - the team's new general manager - has a lot of hard work ahead, but the prospect of a quicker turnaround than anticipated is there if the right moves are made in the coming weeks.

Washington has an untold amount of holes to fill. It's something of a blank canvas for Peters. One that can be further aided by the wealth of draft assets at the Commanders' disposal this spring.

Some tough decisions are coming for those in power. If they feel more money is needed, the Commanders have ways to bolster their financial resources to make this dream a reality.

With this in mind, here are five moves that could save the Commanders around $43 million on their salary cap in 2024.

All financial figures provided by Over the Cap.

Commanders could cut Tress Way

  • 2024 cap savings: $3.15 million

This is a tough one. Tress Way has been a franchise cornerstone for years. He is a two-time Pro Bowler and highly respected across the organization. However, it's hard to look at the punter's performance levels last season and suggest anything other than regression.

Way is counting $3.75 million against the Washington Commanders' salary cap in 2023. Cutting him would save $3.15 million. Perhaps working out a restructure to keep him around could work. Adam Peters might also use this chance to go with someone younger - and cheaper.

While this would be disappointing when one considers how beloved Way is to the fans, it's worth remembering that the NFL is a business above all else. Something that could mean the long-standing punter is released as part of long-term plans for progress.