5 morale-sapping disappointments from the Commanders loss vs. Dolphins

It was an expected mauling in Week 13...

Tyreek Hill and Quan Martin
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Commanders third-down announcer

The now-Washington Commanders once had Phil Hochberg as its public announcer. He was classy. He was understated. Then previous owner Dan Snyder assumed control and the PA guys started shouting all the time.

Against the Miami Dolphins, PA announcer Mark Fratto gave his signature “Third Down!!!!!!!!” yell every time the Commanders defense forced a third down play. If he was hoping this would help provide some extra motivation to make a play, he was sorely mistaken.

The Dolphins converted 60 percent of their third and fourth down plays during the one-sided game. Maybe the PA guy should just shut up about it.

Bye week. Then the Los Angeles Rams and the New York Jets. Here's a sneak preview of my prediction for that game.

In the week leading up to Commanders-Jets, Tim Boyle, Trevor Siemian, and even Zach Wilson are going to be washing Robert Saleh's car and doing his laundry to get him to give them the starting job. That might sound like a desperate scenario, but their motive is pretty obvious.

The Commanders in 2023 are where lost players go to get themselves found.