5 morale-sapping disappointments from the Commanders loss vs. Dolphins

It was an expected mauling in Week 13...

Tyreek Hill and Quan Martin
Tyreek Hill and Quan Martin / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders mostly invisible WRs

Curtis Samuel had a few nice plays early. That was about it for the Washington Commanders wide receivers on the day.

The other pass catchers showed an inability to generate any yards after the catch. They simply don’t break tackles and turn small plays into big ones, or big plays into touchdowns.

Antonio Gibson was tackled in the open field by Duke Riley on a play that should have gone for a first down. Logan Thomas and Cole Turner were both unable to break tackles in similar situations.

Meanwhile, it’s no surprise that the Miami Dolphins' talented skill players broke multiple tackles. Though it would be nice to see Khaleke Hudson bring down De’Von Achane in the open field, who expected that to happen?

It was rubbing salt in the wound to see third-string tight end Julian Hill bulldoze Quan Martin for a first down early in the fourth quarter.

I mean, it was a largely meaningless play. The game was over by that point. But still - Martin was the Commanders' second-round draft pick in 2023. Hill is an undrafted free agent from the Campbell Fighting Camels, who had two catches coming into the game.

Yet he did what most of the Commanders' gaudy draft picks couldn’t do. Generate positive yards after the catch.