5 huge disappointments from the Commanders loss at Seahawks in Week 10

It was almost another great afternoon...
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Washington teams turned average into spectacular

On Sunday, while the Washington Commanders were struggling to contain the Seattle Seahawks' pedestrian offense, the Washington Wizards played the New Jersy Nets. They lost 102-94, falling to 2-7 on the season.

The Nets outrebounded the Wizards 66-42. That’s abysmal, but is par for the course this season. You see, the Wizards didn’t bother to include any good rebounders on their roster this year.

Opponents' offensive rebounding has been devastating. In the Nets game, New Jersey had a 20-7 edge in offensive rebounding.

One Brooklyn reserve - 22-year-old Day-Ron Sharpe - had seven offensive rebounds in 19 minutes. He came into the game averaging two offensive rebounds per game. On Sunday, he almost quadrupled that, grabbing as many as the entire Wizards team.

I’m tired of Washington teams turning average opponents into temporary superstars. Earlier this season, the Commanders let two struggling defenses equal their season-long sack totals in a single game. On Sunday, it was the defense's turn to let an opponent get healthy.

They allowed a Seahawks offense - which had only managed nine drives of 10 or more plays through eight games - to have four such drives. This was largely due to the front seven issues described in the previous slide.

For a team that spent the last five years trying to build a dominant defense, that is the biggest disappointment of all. And if things don't improve quickly, heads could roll.