5 huge disappointments from the Commanders loss at Seahawks in Week 10

It was almost another great afternoon...

Eric Bieniemy
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Commanders got nothing from Jahan Dotson

Jahan Dotson was invisible. He had been invisible much of the year but seemed to be making a strong push in the last couple of games. Not Sunday.

Two targets. He seemed barely interested in the final one which came at a key moment in the fourth quarter. Something that won't inspire confidence in the pursuit of additional involvement within Eric Bienieny's offensive scheme over the team's remaining seven games.

Dyami Brown made a crucial play at the end and Jameson Crowder had a bad drop. The fact that they were on the field at crunch time says a lot about Dotson’s lack of production.

You could say the same thing about Curtis Samuel, who was also largely invisible. But this is a much more distressing development with last year’s first-round draft pick, of whom a lot was expected this season.

Many expected Dotson to be a potential breakout candidate in 2023 thanks in no small part to Bieniemy's arrival. This hasn't come to fruition consistently as yet and the former Penn State standout is running out of time to make a significant contribution to on-field performances.

With a 57.6 percent catch success rate for 360 receiving yards and three touchdowns through 10 games isn't good enough. Whether it's something the Washington Commanders and Dotson can turn around at this late stage is debatable.