5 huge disappointments from the Commanders loss at the NY Jets in Week 16

It was another eventful afternoon that ended with an inevitable defeat...

Logan Thomas
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Joey Slye

I could be wrong about this, but I believe Washington Commanders' kicker Joey Slye had not had a kickoff returned this entire season. Every single one was a touchback. Against the New York Jets, three of his five attempts were returned.

I don’t even think this is a bad thing. Forcing an opponent to return a kickoff often results in a starting position inside the 25-yard line. Not in the Commanders' case thanks to their woeful special teams, but typically across the league.

Still, in such a disappointing season, where there was so little to genuinely count on, that was one thing we could be sure about. Slye would kick it through the end zone. His monster leg might not be that accurate on field goal attempts, but it does the job when it comes to ensuring the opposition's explosive returners don't get the chance to showcase their abilities in space.

Well - not anymore. Just another area of concern for a Commanders outfit that seems to be freefalling into oblivion with two games remaining before Ron Rivera and many others are deemed surplus to requirements.