5 huge disappointments from the Commanders loss at Eagles in Week 4

It was a gut-wrencher for the Commanders...
Tress Way
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Commanders lost a thrilling clash

The only disappointment that really hurts - the only one that will have any kind of lasting impact - is the final result. The Washington Commanders didn’t win a game that they could have won. The fact that almost no one expected them to triumph doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

Had the Commanders won, they would have been tied with the Dallas Cowboys at the top of the NFC East with arguably their toughest game already out of the way. They would have proven they can not only compete against - but defeat - the league’s best teams in a hostile environment.

This game moved the franchise a spot ahead on the gameboard of their rebuild. A win would have shot them forward five or six additional steps.

Far and away the most important aspect of this loss is that Washington has to go out and beat the Chicago Bears on Thursday night. The fixture in the Windy City last season was a boring one, but the result is all that counts.

Chicago would have won with better coaching, but Washington pulled out a close one. This year, the two teams seem to be moving in opposite directions, and getting a struggling Bears team at home on a short week should result in victory.

They have to guard against allowing the strong showing against the Philadelphia Eagles to lull them into a subpar game against the Bears. If they do, then this loss grows into a much bigger disappointment for the Commanders.