5 huge disappointments from Commanders loss vs. the 49ers in Week 17

Things went better than expected, but the result was the same.

Christian Holmes
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Promos for other non-Commanders games

In the final minutes of the Washington Commanders game against the San Francisco 49ers, when the result was a foregone conclusion, I think FOX play-by-play announcer Adam Amin said the following about 200 times:

“As soon as this game is over, we’ll get you to Philadelphia for bonus coverage of a game that is actually exciting, and really matters.”

Okay, he didn’t say that last part. But he did promote the upcoming switch to another game constantly as Washington’s contest was wrapping up. That’s depressing. It's also a sign of the times after one of the most turbulent seasons in recent memory.

And that's saying something.

Ideally, you’d like for your team to be involved in the game that people are eager to see. Not the one where everyone is merely waiting for the final whistle to blow.

But that’s where we find ourselves at the end of the 2023 season. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s celebration, and that 2024 proves a happier time for the Commanders' fanbase.