5 huge disappointments from the Commanders beatdown at Cowboys in Week 12

It was another humiliation for Ron Rivera's men...

Terry McLaurin
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What huge disappointments emerged from another embarrassing loss on national television for the Washington Commanders in Week 12?

I was cooking and eating Thanksgiving dinner a couple of hundred miles from my home while the Washington Commanders were being dismantled by the Dallas Cowboys on late Thursday afternoon. My biggest disappointment was knowing I would have to watch the game on tape at some point so that I could write the weekly disappointments piece.

Then I figured, I don’t really need to watch it. I know exactly what happened.

This outcome was not too hard to predict. But being the conscientious guy that I am, I did wake up early Friday and watch. I just watched really, really fast.

It took me about a half hour. It was all there. Dallas' wide receivers running free through a disorganized secondary. Linebackers blown out of running plays. Minimal pass rush.

On offense, the Commanders' offensive line could not open holes on the interior and could not handle Dallas’ pass rush. For the second straight week, second-year quarterback Sam Howell threw a fourth-quarter pick-six. At least this time, it didn’t matter because the contest was long over.

Therefore, for this week’s disappointments, let’s try something a little different. Here are my biggest failings from Washington's 45-10 loss against the Cowboys on Turkey Day, 2023.