5 FCS draft prospects the Commanders should consider in 2024

The Commanders need to find some diamonds in the rough...
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Commanders could draft Myles Harden

  • Cornerback | South Dakota Coyotes

May as well toss a defender into the mix. After all, the Washington Commanders did have the league's worst unit in 2023. But if you are not a fan of Danny Johnson, Myles Harden may not be your cup of tea.

Johnson, one of the Commanders' two FCS players during the 2023 season - offensive tackle Trent Scott was the other - has been one of Washington’s steadier players ever since he arrived as an undrafted free agent in 2018. Harden is a somewhat better athlete - a little bigger, stronger, and faster - but he plays a similar game.

He is a very solid tackler, with the flexibility to play inside or outside, in zone or man-to-man. Like Johnson, he is probably at his best playing zone on the inside, where his tackling is a real asset.

Harden may struggle if asked to play against taller wide receivers on the outside. He made a lot of positive plays in college, but he also tended to give up big ones. He would occasionally falter right at the point of the catch. With Washington’s highly successful collection of new defensive backfield coaches, Harden might learn to correct a few small mistakes and develop into a very solid third or fourth cornerback option.

As of now, most of the experts I trust on such matters have four of these five players listed as likely undrafted free agents. Harden is projected to go in one of the final two rounds. That could change, but none of these players will be flying up draft boards. And I don’t need to remind you that a fair number of Washington’s most promising young players have been acquired on Day 3 of the draft in recent years.

Adam Peters needs to nail his first-round selection. He must also secure some success in the later rounds and beyond. This roster needs a lot of work.