5 early salary-cap cuts the Commanders could target in 2024

Could some recently released players of of use?

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Commanders could sign Nyheim Hines

Nyheim Hines is a risk, but the same can be said about a lot of players who were recently released by their teams. The same certainly could have been said about J.D. McKissic back in 2020, who was picked up off the scrap heap by the Washington Commanders when all hope seemed lost.

McKissic was a talented young veteran who had trouble staying healthy. Washington took a chance, and for a few seasons, the running back was one of the Commanders' best offensive weapons.

Hines is very similar. He is the same age McKissic was when Washington signed him in 2020.  He is about the same size. He may not have his accomplished background as a receiver, but he has proven to be an excellent pass catcher out of the backfield. He has a more natural pace, which has shown off as a kick returner as well.

Washington has a couple of young, powerful runners. What they are sorely lacking is a change-of-pace guy. Someone who can scare a defense with his speed. Someone who is a prolific pass catcher.

The Commanders may go looking for a player like that in this year’s draft. Or they may check out Hines. The major concern is whether he can return to form after another freak injury - the result of a jet skiing collision which wasn't his fault -, cost him the entire 2023 season.