5 dream 2024 NFL Draft prospects the Commanders should trade up for

Could Adam Peters go bold to boost the team's rebuild?
Taliese Fuaga
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Commanders could draft Taliese Fuaga

  • Offensive Tackle
  • Oregon State Beavers

If the Washington Commanders decide that going up for someone like Olu Fashanu is a little too rich for their blood, then identifying those who could be taken a little further down the first-round pecking order becomes a genuine possibility. This is an outstanding offensive tackle draft class with plenty of Day 1 starters if the right acquisitions can be found. Adam Peters is a respected talent evaluator, so he'll have a plan in place for how best to take the franchise forward positively.

Although he's gone relatively under the radar compared to most projected to go in the first 32 selections, that doesn't detract from what an outstanding NFL player Taliese Fuaga can become providing there are no complications on the health front. The Oregon State standout boasts the prototypical size and weight for an edge proctor at the next level. He's also an absolute mauler in the run game, crushing everyone in his path with a unique blend of brute force, natural power, and ruthless aggression.

Fuaga has elite explosiveness. He's incredibly quick into his stance in pass protection situations and getting to the contact point first on running downs is no problem whatsoever. The left tackle's mastered the art of recovering when initial leverage is lost. There's also a lot to like about his heavy hands, which can stun opposing rushers in their tracks instantly.

This aggressive playing style can be his undoing on occasion. Fuaga tends to overreach, which could allow more experienced edge rushers to bait him into mistakes. Wherever he ends up, coaches need to install some additional discipline into his game and also work on getting lower into his stance.

The prospect is expected to go anywhere from Nos.12-25 based on projections. If the Commanders see something in Fuaga - which is entirely possible looking at his college film and the scope for further growth - then striking a deal with someone in the 15-20 range could be worth its weight in gold.