5 disappointments from Commanders victory vs. the Cardinals in Week 1

It's wasn't all positive from the Commanders at FedEx Field.
Eric Bieniemy
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Speed of Commanders offense

We have heard it all throughout the Summer. Eric Bieniemy wants this offense to do everything fast. He wants to establish a rhythm that will put opposing defenses on their heels from the opening whistle. We didn’t really see that from the Commanders in Week 1.

This showed up on a quick screen to Curtis Samuel from midfield on the opening drive. Sam Howell was just a hair late with the ball and the throw caused his playmaker to turn back toward his quarterback.

The result was that he could not escape safety Jalen Thompson and the play went for just one yard. A quicker throw may have sprung Samuel for a much bigger gain.

Speed was a factor in the run game as well. Washington ran a lot of counter and trap action with Brian Robinson Jr. Again at midfield on the second drive, they tried that counteraction and the dynamic running back was stopped behind the line.

None of the Commanders' three backs are particularly quick into a hole. They are powerful runners, but they are not explosive. So those plays that take a half-second longer to develop can allow a good defensive front to close in before the back can really get started.

If Washington continues running that type of action up front, they need to get the back to line faster.