5 disappointments from the Commanders triumph at Falcons in Week 6

It wasn't all positive for the Commanders...

Jahan Dotson
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The Justin Fields effect

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields suffered a hand injury during their game against the Minnesota Vikings this week. I haven’t heard how serious is, but he could not finish this game.

However, before the injury, he had thrown zero touchdowns, one interception, and had a passer rating of 37. That’s horrible if you don’t follow such things.

Last week against the Washington Commanders, Fields threw four touchdowns, zero interceptions, and had a passer rating of 125 - that’s outstanding.

The Commanders keep making opponents look so much better than they actually are. I already mentioned that the offense allowed Atlanta’s defense to double the season sack total in one game. This is another example.

The defense also let the Falcons score their first touchdown on an opening drive all season. Coming into the game, Atlanta - in five games - had amassed 35 total yards on opening drives. They had managed a single first down and had scored zero points. And they had one turnover.

Against Washington, they went 75 yards, converted four first downs, and scored a go-ahead score. Oh, and they let Falcons tight end Jonnu Smith score his first touchdown in 41 games.

Now, of course, they also stuffed Bijan Robinson, picked off Desmond Ridder three times, and sacked him three times. They stopped a two-point conversion try and held Atlanta to 16 points, which was the Falcons' season average entering the game.

They also won.

But that’s for someone else to write about. As I said, I do disappointments. I really hope there is very little to write about after the New York Giants game next week.