5 decisions the Commanders might regret after 2024 NFL Draft

Not every decision will work out...
Adam Peters
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Commanders took Dominique Hampton in the fifth round

This is the only selection that I flat-out disagree with. Dominique Hampton may develop into a good safety. I’ve already speculated that Dan Quinn sees another Kam Chancellor when he watches the tall, hard-hitting former Washington Huskies standout.

However, there are concerns that Hampton will never develop into the type of strong safety that can effectively drop into coverage. That will limit his effectiveness, so hitting the ground running will be crucial during his initial transition.

Players chosen well into the fifth round are usually deficient in some areas, so this is not a surprise. But there were a lot of other prospects available at this point who would have been better bets.

Texas offensive tackle Christian Jones would have been a good developmental player at a position of need. Florida State’s Jordan Travis would have been a dynamic quarterback to develop alongside Jayden Daniels. My first choice at this point would have been Purdue’s Tyron Tracy, Jr., a running back who transitioned from the wide receiver position during his college days.

By his final college season, Tracy was showing that his vision from the backfield was developing, while he still maintained high-end receiving skills. He reminds me more of J.D. McKissic than of Antonio Gibson, but either way, he would have been a very good player to develop behind Austin Ekeler.

All three of those players went within 10 picks of Hampton in Round 5. But again, general manager Adam Peters believed this was the right call for the Washington Commanders at this stage of their rebuild. Until further notice, he should be trusted.

With any luck, I will be proven wrong about each of these. I’m fairly certain that a few of these decisions will work out very well. But if history and statistics are to be believed, we will be regretting a few of them as well.