5 decisions the Commanders might regret after 2024 NFL Draft

Not every decision will work out...
Adam Peters
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Commanders did not trade up for a left tackle

After releasing veteran offensive tackle Charles Leno, Jr., the Washington Commanders entered the 2024 NFL Draft needing a left tackle. Even if Cornelius Lucas can handle the job in 2024, he is a short-term solution given his age and talent level.

With two picks early in the second round and a deep talent pool, there seemed to be a good chance that general manager Adam Peters could find that tackle. But seven offensive tackles went in the first round, which was unsurprising but disappointing nonetheless.

The Dallas Cowboys chose Tyler Guyton at No. 29 overall. That exhausted the supply of premium prospects. Washington did pick up the next most reliable tackle when they chose Brandon Coleman in Round 3 following a prolific college career at TCU.

But Peters could have used his multiple Day 2 picks to trade up into the late first round. There have been reports that he made some inquiries but didn’t find the deal he liked. I am already on record saying that I support that decision. But it is not going to look very good if Coleman proves incapable of playing left tackle and if Guyton develops into an upper-tier player with a division rival.

Both of those things are entirely possible. The Buffalo Bills dealt the No. 28 pick to the Kansas City Chiefs right before Dallas chose Guyton. The price paid by the two-time defending Super Bowl champions was not especially steep. They didn’t give up any actual players. They merely moved back in the middle and late rounds to move up in the first.

The Commanders would have had to give up something extra because they were coming from a little farther back, but still, the price may have been worth it. Peters opted to keep the capital he had and take his chances with Coleman, but don't be surprised if Washington adds another veteran edge protector before the 2024 season begins.