5 crucial storylines to watch during the Commanders at Falcons in Week 6

A big weekend awaits for the Commanders...
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Commanders first-half performance

Neither team has played well in the first half of games in 2023. The Atlanta Falcons have not led at half-time in any game they have played thus far. They have been outscored by 30 points in the opening half through their first five games.

The Washington Commanders have been even more futile. Though they did manage to take a lead into the half against the Philadelphia Eagles, they have been outscored by 43 points through five games.

Most of that deficit came in two of the last three - against the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears.

This is truly a case of an eminently stoppable force meeting an easily moveable object. Atlanta has only managed a total of 26 points in the first half of games this season. Washington has surrendered 87 points in the first half.

If the Commanders do not shut down the Falcons' offense early, it will not bode well for their chances.