5 Commanders offseason decisions in 2023 that already look like a disaster

These decisions could come back to haunt the Commanders.

Quan Martin
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Commanders signed Andrew Wylie

Andrew Wylie is not as bad as his several breakdowns have made him look. He is a serviceable right tackle. He is also a few years shy of 30 years old and his contract, though not cheap, does not break the bank.

All in all, this is not a terrible move. It’s just not a very inspired one either.

If the Washington Commanders were going to simply sign a serviceable right tackle, I would have preferred a player like George Fant. I did not write about him this off-season because he is 31 years old and I assumed those in power would be looking for a longer-term solution.

I have written about him as a stopgap in the past. And since I don't really see Wylie as the long-term answer, I think Washington will be looking for another right tackle a couple of years down the road anyway.

Fant’s career has been a little bit like that of Charles Leno Jr. He was basically just a body early on, but he gradually improved over time. He is now a legitimate starting right tackle.

I think he is actually a better player right now than Wylie. He is just older.

That’s why he cost about half as much as Wylie. What the Commanders should have done is save about $5 million this year by signing Fant to a one-year deal. Then they should have worked with Sam Cosmi to be the team’s future right tackle.

Cosmi is better suited to playing tackle than guard. If it turns out he cannot play outside, then the Commanders are back in the same position next season, when the draft will be stocked with options at tackle.

If Cosmi is training up at tackle, who plays right guard, you ask? Keep reading.