5 Commanders offseason decisions in 2023 that already look like a disaster

These decisions could come back to haunt the Commanders.

Quan Martin
Quan Martin / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
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Which offseason decisions made by the Washington Commanders already look questionable just three games into the 2023 campaign?

Hindsight, I have heard, is 20/20. Not mine. My hindsight is freakin’ 20/10. Maybe better.

I know every player personnel mistake the Washington Commanders have made dating back to long before they were ever called their current brand. I am also really good at picking winners after the games have been played.

With those bona fides, let’s take a look at five moves the Commanders made this off-season that already look suspect. Don’t worry - I am not going to just look at all the great free agents and/or draft picks they could have on their roster right now. I think that’s a little too easy.

I mean, I have read enough blogs saying how (fill in your team) should have drafted Tom Brady back in 2000 to know how that game works. Let me tell you - nobody saw that coming. The New England Patriots didn’t even see it coming. If they had, they never would have waited until the sixth round to grab him.

I’m going to stick with things the Commanders should have seen. When I offer an alternative move, it will involve a player whom I had previously written about. It will be about a player who should have been on the team’s radar already.

We’ll do three draft decisions and two free-agent moves. We’ll count down from least to most objectionable. And in the fine print, please note this: we are three weeks into the season.

This is based on what we have already seen, but there is still a long way to go and I reserve the right to change my mind at some point down the road. That’s the nature of hindsight.