5 Commanders on the hot seat heading into the 2023 season

The pressure is on these Commanders during the 2023 season.

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Eric Bieniemy - Commanders OC

It was a relatively underwhelming offseason in terms of recruitment for the Washington Commanders. This was expected with the team's ownership in flux, but Ron Rivera was able to make one major splash with the high-profile arrival of Eric Bieniemy from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Coming off the back of his second Super Bowl as the Chiefs' offensive coordinator, Bieniemy decided to go out on his own. The Commanders are giving him full control of the offense and providing the respected figure with increased responsibilities in the hope it can assist with his head coaching aspirations somewhere down the line.

Not everyone took to Bieniemy's hard-nosed, vocal approach initially. Some even went crying to Rivera about it, which the head coach decided to make public with comments that eventually blew up in his face.

Now, the weak have been weeded out and everyone is on the same page. This is Bieniemy's big audition, but there's just no telling how it'll go when one considers Andy Reid called plays during his stint in Kansas City.

All signs point to Bieniemy maximizing this outstanding opportunity. There are some questions surrounding the offensive line and quarterback Sam Howell, but the Commanders can relax safe in the knowledge they have the best possible man steering the offense during such a critical campaign.

Things look positive. But that doesn't mean the heat isn't on Bieniemy, too.