5 Commanders concerns after preseason win over the Ravens

Despite the positive result, there are still some areas of concern.
Jacoby Brissett
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Commanders playing people out of position

As above, this may apply to others. But it is really about Rachad Wildgoose.

Wildgoose is a slot cornerback who can play man, but is better in zone. Due to injury and caution, he opened Monday night playing the perimeter, where Kendall Fuller and Benjamin St-Juste will be once the season begins in earnest.

And at that position, Wildgoose was toast. He whiffed on a tackle early on, then singlehandedly gave up more than 70 yards and a touchdown on two consecutive plays.

Last year, a similar situation with missing players saw the Washington Commanders playing Danny Johnson on the perimeter. He may well be the team's best zone defender and slot corner, but like Wildgoose, his limited athleticism caused him to struggle in space.

When all the regulars are on the field, Wildgoose will not be tasked with playing outside. But once the injuries begin, please remember this Ravens game and do not ask him to play outside again.

Christian Holmes and Tariq Castro-Fields may be iffy propositions, but they are better suited to playing outside. Stop putting players in positions where they are likely to fail.