5 Commanders concerns after preseason win over the Ravens

Despite the positive result, there are still some areas of concern.

Jacoby Brissett
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Commanders overloading their rookies

This could apply to offensive linemen like Ricky Stromberg and Braeden Daniels, but I’m really just talking about one player here – Quan Martin.

Martin is going to get some praise because of his spectacular interception in the end zone against the Baltimore Ravens. To be sure, the second-round pick showed amazing concentration and hand-eye coordination to secure the takeaway.

But don’t let that influence your perception too much. Overall, Martin didn’t play very well.

For one thing, he was beaten badly on that interception and only a poor throw allowed him to recover. Otherwise, it would have been the second touchdown he had surrendered during the game.

On the Ravens' first score, Martin was totally lost as Zay Flowers broke into the flat all alone. He then compounded the problem by whiffing on an attempted tackle, allowing the wideout to stroll into the end zone.

I’m not going to worry very much about Martin, Not yet.

It’s very early and he is being asked to play a new position that sees him line up all over the field. What I am most concerned about is that Martin will become overwhelmed.

This is exactly what happened to Jamin Davis during his rookie season when the Washington Commanders asked him to take on a very complex role. He had trouble adjusting and I think his play suffered throughout his opening campaign in the pros.

I like the fact that the defensive coaches see a lot in Martin, and are therefore challenging him to do a lot. But let’s use a little common sense here.

The Commanders have other players with more experience who can take some of the trickier positions, at least early on. Let Martin get his feet wet. Let him adjust to the speed of the NFL before asking him to man a complicated spot on defense.