5 Commanders candidates to be cut going into the summer

These Commanders players have a lot of hard work ahead.
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Armani Rogers - Commanders TE

To say Armani Rogers endured some rough luck last season would be a grave understatement. Many analysts and fans were expecting the tight end to leap forward en route to a potential breakout campaign in 2023. Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed in the blink of an eye.

Rogers suffered a torn Achilles on the first day of OTAs that extinguished any chances he had at making his presence felt. He was sent to season-ending injured reserve, leaving him with an uncertain future with a new regime coming into the fold.

All hope is not lost with Rogers, but the task awaiting him is steep. Coming off such a significant injury is bad enough, but the Commanders bolstered their tight-end options in free agency and the draft once Logan Thomas became a salary-cap casualty as anticipated.

The Commanders reunited Kliff Kingsbiury with Zach Ertz in the hope their previous working relationship with the Arizona Cardinals could pick up where it left off. Washington also selected Ben Sinnott at No. 53 overall, who might develop into the complete package with some extra polish in the weeks and months ahead.

With John Bates seen as the team's blocking specialist and the untapped promise within Cole Turner, this room will be one to watch as the offseason unfolds. Rogers needs to maximize every rep coming his way and convince the coaching staff he's worthy of a role. Anything less could see Adam Peters deem the player surplus to requirements.

Again, this would be a little harsh considering Rogers' misfortune on the health front. However, the new general manager is not harboring any sentiment in his decision-making process. If he feels like cutting the former Ohio college star is the right thing to do, he won't hesitate.

Rogers has the athleticism needed to excel. But it seems as if his big opportunity passed him by thanks to a devastating injury at the worst possible time.