5 bonafide leaders the Commanders could add to head coaching shortlist

The Commanders are looking for a leader to take the franchise forward.

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Commanders could hire Pete Carroll

The big shocks began around the league when Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks went their separate ways. This was initially thought of as a natural progression into retirement. Judging by the passionate figure's exit presser, it's clear that the fire still burns bright despite his advancing years.

Carroll's been a prolific coach at the collegiate level and the NFL. He's a renowned talent developer. He leads from the front with unrivaled enthusiasm. Much will depend on how long he plans to stay involved at 72 years old, but he certainly ticks the boxes Washington Commanders general manager Adam Peters outlined during his media availability on Wednesday.

The Seahawks weren't that far away under Carroll this season. They started tremendously well before tailing off. Those in power decided a fresh approach was needed, although primary candidate Dan Quinn didn't cover himself in glory during the Dallas Cowboys' home playoff loss versus the Green Bay Packers.

Much like the situation with Bill Belichick, age could work against Carroll when push comes to shove. The Commanders are embarking on a long-term project for sustainable growth. It could happen quicker, but hiring a younger mind might be the best route forward.

That's not a knock on Carroll's leadership or coaching talent, which is exceptional. But it would be an absolute bombshell if he entered the Commanders' consideration.