4 unsung DBs with Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr. ties the Commanders must target

These defensive backs could reunite with Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr. this offseason.

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Commanders could sign Tyler Hall

Tyler Hall would not come into the Washington Commanders looking to supplant any of the projected starters in the defensive backfield. What he could do is provide solid depth and versatility. What he could do is be the new Danny Johnson.

Season after season, the Commanders would bring in athletically gifted defensive backs to upgrade production. And season after season, by the end, it seemed as if the 5-foot-9, 190-pound Johnson would be taking their minutes. He could be overmatched physically by bigger, faster receivers, but he was durable, smart, and could tackle.

In other words, Johnson could provide solid, steady depth. But not much more than that.

Hall was signed as an undrafted free agent during Dan Quinn’s final season with the Atlanta Falcons. He bounced up and down between the roster and practice squad, then moved on to the Los Angeles Rams and Las Vegas Raiders in subsequent years.

Like Johnson, he never looked out of place when asked to step onto the field. Also like Johnson, Hall is a versatile player who can play both cornerback and safety.

He is better in zone coverage but can hold his own in man when required, especially in the slot. The final Johnson comparison - Hall can be of real value on special teams. He can cover kicks and was a formidable returner for Wyoming in college.