4 teams that should trade for Commanders pass-rushers Montez Sweat or Chase Young

Speculaton is mounting about one being moved before the deadline.
Chase Young and Montez Sweat
Chase Young and Montez Sweat / G Fiume/GettyImages
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Ravens could call Commanders about Chase Young or Montez Sweat

The Baltimore Ravens have already made some decent investments in defense over recent years. Roquan Smith is a star at the linebacker position, free-agent signing Jadeveon Clowney is putting up solid numbers, and first-round safety Kyle Hamilton looks like an absolute stud in the making.

John Harbaugh's men are looking like a strong frontrunner in the AFC. To reach the next step, they might decide to go bold and call the Washington Commanders to see what it might take to get either Montez Sweat or Chase Young into the fold.

At some stage, the Ravens need to see the Kansas City Chiefs if they want to reach the Super Bowl. While their defensive unit has some outstanding playmakers, adding an upgrade to their front three/seven is something that could get them over the hump.

Baltimore is also known for making trades if they feel like value could be had. Teams around the league know Washington's predicament with their two starting defensive ends, so it might be something that works in the Ravens' favor during any potential negotiations.

The Commanders won't be giving them away despite facing the prospect of losing one for nothing next spring. This is all about risk versus reward for any interested party, but the benefits from the Ravens' perspective are there for all to see.