4 teams who could steal Kendall Fuller from the Commanders in free agency

Kendall Fuller could be on the move in 2024.

Kendall Fuller
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Commanders could lose Kendall Fuller to the Vikings

Brian Flores' aggressive defense proved to be feast or famine as expected with the Minnesota Vikings in 2023. The defensive coordinator is renowned for blitzing heavily and leaving the secondary exposed. There were times when this paid off. But for the most part, the personnel in the passing game wasn't up to the required standard.

This is something the Vikings should address as a matter of urgency in free agency and the 2024 NFL Draft. While there is merit in finding a cheap, long-term option from the college ranks, acquiring someone with the previous production of Kendal Fuller should also be strongly considered if the price is right.

Putting Fuller opposite Byron Murphy Jr. represents an immediate upgrade. If former second-round pick Andrew Booth Jr. can also leap forward in Year 3 of his professional career following countless injury complications, the Vikings would have a potentially productive trio to call upon.

The Washington Commanders cannot be in the business of letting good players leave this offseason if head coach Dan Quinn wants to hit the ground running. Much will also depend on Kirk Cousins' future with the Vikings in this scenario. If the veteran quarterback signs a new deal, their spending options decrease exponentially.

Minnesota has been right on the cusp for some time. Their window with some veteran players is closing. That could result in free agents like Fuller being targeted if those in power take one more shot before rebuilding.