4 reasons for Commanders fans to be thankful in 2023

Hope springs eternal, for now...

Sam Howell
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Commanders staffing changes are on the horizon

Ron Rivera was the head coach that the Washington Commanders desperately needed when he joined the franchise. The experienced figure brought a sense of leadership and discipline to a franchise that was in dire need of it.

He said the culture would change and it does seem to be in a much better place than when he took charge after being fired by the Carolina Panthers almost four years ago.

Rivera honestly handled many things that should not have fallen on his shoulders. These included the name-change controversy, sexual harassment fallout, cancer diagnosis, ownership change, and much more.

Unfortunately, the winning didn't follow.

Rivera has yet to have a winning season with the Commanders and it seems like his time with the franchise is coming to an end. Jack Del Rio's defense has continued to underwhelm and it seems that the game has passed him by, so he'll be another facing the chop as Josh Harris' ownership group looks set to bring about great change in the not-too-distant future.

Although for many fans, the change can not come soon enough, the Commanders will be able to have their new ownership group select not only a new head coach but a general manager as well. Exciting times, indeed.