4 potential NFL Draft scenarios for the Commanders at No. 2 overall

A landmark decision awaits...
Adam Peters
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Commanders could do a short trade-back

This only makes sense if the New England Patriots desperately want one of the three non-Caleb Williams signal callers and the Washington Commanders have two of them rated roughly the same. If that's the case, Adam Peters could swing a deal with the Pats to drop back one spot.

He could probably get an additional third-rounder and something else - maybe a fourth-rounder this year or a higher-round pick next year. New England probably won't do this, but it remains a distant possibility.

As of today, I make it a 65 percent chance for scenario one - standing pat and getting a quarterback with the No. 2 pick. I put scenario two - the “trade-back/trade-up” - at 25%. The other two scenarios each have about a 5% chance of happening. It all depends on two things that no one knows.

First - how does Washington rate Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and J.J. McCarthy? Second, just as important, what are the Arizona Cardinals thinking?

A lot of people think the Commanders hold the key to the first round. I disagree. I think it’s Arizona.

Ever since McCarthy moved into the upper echelon, they have been in the catbird seat. There are four premium quarterbacks. The first three teams want one. The fourth team doesn’t. That gives that fourth team - the Cardinals - enormous leverage.