4 potential NFL Draft scenarios for the Commanders at No. 2 overall

A landmark decision awaits...
Adam Peters
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Commanders could trade back and then up

If the Washington Commanders begin fielding serious offers for the No. 2 pick, they will get a great deal of interest. There are an awful lot of teams desperate to move into the spot and grab a potentially franchise-changing quarterback.

Assuming Washington does trade back out of the top four, they will then have to trade back up to ensure they get a premium prospect under center. Quarterbacks will likely go 1-2-3. Though it has never happened before, a signal-caller will probably be drafted No. 4.

The Arizona Cardinals - who currently hold the pick - will not take him. They could well trade back themselves with a team that wants the fourth quarterback. However, this would involve missing out on generational wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.

If Washington does trade back, Adam Peters has to be sure they are the team that is dealing with the Cardinals to move back up.

The most attractive trading partner in this scenario is the New York Giants. Forget anything you may feel about trading within the division. If it helps the team, you make the deal.

The Giants are desperate to move up. Washington could demand a lot from them. According to draft board values, the Commanders should expect to get New York’s second and third-round picks this year along with a very high draft pick - first or second-round - in 2025 by dropping back four spots.

This only makes sense if the Cardinals see wide receivers Malik Nabers and Rome Odunze as comparable to Harrison. In the same way that Washington might simply stay at No. 2 and take their favorite quarterback, Arizona may not be willing to trade back if they have their hearts set on the Ohio State phenom. If they move from No. 4 to No. 6, they don’t get him. But there are other elite wideouts available if they make a deal.

If the Commanders don't make a deal with the Giants, this strategy doesn't work. They would probably have to move back into the teens. The other teams in the second half of the top 10 have no motivation to move up. The Minnesota Vikings would give up a king’s ransom for Washington’s pick, but they cannot offer enough to ensure Washington will be able to move back up into the top four and get one of the premier quarterbacks.

There is another option in play here, albeit far less likely. What if Peters has his eye on a dark horse quarterback?