4 players who are likely playing their last games with the Commanders

Antonio Gibson
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Which Washington Commanders players are likely navigating their final games with the team before landmark changes are implemented in 2024?

With Ron Rivera likely seeing out the last four games of his time as Washington Commanders head coach, fans are eagerly awaiting what comes next. The franchise is going to look almost unrecognizable by the time 2024 OTAs roll around. A new coaching staff and front office are going to be in place. Playing personnel is also set to look entirely different.

This is almost a necessity based on the season so far. The Commanders have gone 2-9 since their promising 2-0 start to the campaign. Morale is at an all-time low. These factors won't be going unnoticed by Josh Harris' ownership group as part of their ongoing evaluations.

There are very few players who could be considered cornerstone pieces for the future. Even though this is a damning indictment of Rivera's roster building, the Commanders have enough draft capital and financial resources to turn things around quickly.

With that being said, here are four players who are likely playing their final four games with the Commanders.

David Mayo - Commanders LB

Jamin Davis suffering season-ending shoulder surgery means David Mayo will be getting plenty of starting reps down the stretch. The veteran linebacker is a stern Ron Rivera loyalist. While this has guaranteed a roster spot with the Washington Commanders before, that won't be the case next season.

When a new regime comes into the fold, Mayo is going to struggle holding down his spot. He's a dependable special teamer, but this is the time to start fresh with a blank canvas en route to hopefully seeing the Commanders enter contention sooner rather than later.

Mayo is solid if not spectacular. Unfortunately for the player, that won't be cutting it in Washington moving forward.

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