4 players the Commanders could have drafted over Camaron Cheeseman

Camaron Cheeseman
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Commanders could have drafted Trey Smith

When the Washington Commanders traded up to No. 225 in the 2021 NFL Draft, large sections of the fanbase thought it was for one particular individual. A prospect who fell dramatically after being tabbed as a potential first-round selection by analysts throughout the evaluation process.

This, of course, was Trey Smith. No fewer than 31 other teams spurned the offensive lineman out of Tennessee after medical concerns were raised during testing. He's made everyone pay since.

Smith's been an absolute revelation since he was taken one spot after the Commanders selected Camaron Cheeseman. He won the starting right guard position immediately. He's won a Super Bowl. He's conceded just eight sacks from 3,176 offensive snaps up to now. More importantly, he's been free of any major injury or health complications.

As previously mentioned, the Commanders' offensive line has been a mess this season - and that's putting it mildly. Had head coach Ron Rivera taken a risk with Smith, they'd have been set at the right guard spot for the next decade. And he was there for the taking.

Rivera won't get the chance to oversee another draft in Washington. Everyone seems to believe - with good reason - that his fate beyond the current campaign is sealed. With a wealth of assets over the seven rounds in 2024, the new regime cannot make the same mistakes.