4 players Commanders can't risk sneaking on the practice squad in 2024

The Commanders would be taking a huge risk...
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After another season that descended into abject failure, there is a different feel around the Washington Commanders these days. Adam Peters and the new regime wasted no time in shaking things up. The fanbase is reignited and optimism is high that brighter days are ahead.

There is no room for passengers on this journey. The Commanders need everyone to sing from the same hymn sheet and raise performance levels accordingly. Some will thrive under the pressure. Others just won't have enough quality to be part of these plans long-term.

That sounds harsh, but it's about time the Commanders took emotions out of their roster construction. Peters adopted a business-first model from the moment he stepped into the building. He'll stop at nothing to turn this franchise into a perennial powerhouse. Anyone not pulling their weight or needing some extra time will be released or waived to potentially be brought back in some capacity.

With this in mind, here are four players the Commanders can't risk sneaking on their practice squad in 2024.

Ricky Stromberg - Commanders OL

The Washington Commanders made changes to their offensive line this offseason. This was one of the worst units in football last season. Anything less than a significant makeover by general manager Adam Peters wouldn't have gone over well with the fanbase.

Tyler Biadasz and Nick Allegretti joined to become Washington's new center and left guard. This pushes others further down the pecking order with uncertain futures attached. For the likes of Ricky Stromberg, the urgency to impress is evident.

Stromberg was a third-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. He was seen as a development project that could potentially accumulate reps as the campaign unfolds. After an anonymous campaign through injury and no confidence from the coaching staff, the jury is still out.

The Commanders should take Stromberg through onto their 53-man roster as a versatile backup. If he doesn't impress during the summer and others seize the moment, there's no telling how it might go.

Stashing him on the practice squad is another option. In this scenario, the chances of another team picking him up based on potential alone are relatively high.