4 perfect best-case scenarios for the Washington Commanders in 2024

What perfect best-case scenarios could help the Washington Commanders drag themselves out of the abyss and back to respectability under Dan Quinn in 2024?
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Bobby Wagner's influence is substantial

Bobby Wagner's career thus far speaks for itself. The formidable linebacker is a future first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Famer. He is a perennial All-Pro and Super Bowl champion. Yet the Washington Commanders wouldn't bring him in for one season unless he has more to offer than the stat-sheet numbers.

Well, maybe they do, but only because he's that good.

Wagner is in Washington because he will instill the type of culture that Commanders fans have been dying to see since they were one of the dominant teams - not only in the NFC East but in the NFL overall. With him and Jonathan Allen leading the defense - unless the secondary proves utterly incapable - this unit will shine.

The behavioral effect that Wagner is going to have on this defense could only be deterred by one thing. That's if the veteran suffers complications on the injury front.

This is the least worrisome of all of the additions the Commanders have made this offseason. It's also not completely incalculable that Wagner's presence will extend to the other side of the ball and improve the offense as well. He is one of the few players in the entire league that instantly changes everything because of their locker room presence.

The acquisition does come with risk attached despite Wagner's exceptional credentials since being drafted No. 47 overall out of Utah State. Father Time could catch up with the nine-time Pro Bowler at some stage this season and his coverage skills are waning. But that said, the positives far outweigh any potential negatives.

Even if Wagner is gone by this time next year, it is still a brilliant signing that should begin paying dividends as soon as training camp starts. He commands instant respect and should play an integral role in getting everyone on the same page immediately en route to better fortunes.