4 offensive tackles Commanders can draft to replace Charles Leno Jr.

The time for a long-term plan has arrived...

Charles Leno Jr.
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Commanders could draft Troy Fautanu

Much has been made about where Troy Fautanu is best suited at the next level. The Washington standout was an offensive tackle in college, but some analysts believed his lack of height indicated that he'd switch to the interior once he gets to the NFL.

Fautanu put those fears to rest during his NFL Scouting Combine testing. Couple this with the fluid movements and exceptional agility displayed during drills, it's not hard to see why he could thrive on the edge with the right supporting cast.

This should get the Washington Commanders' attention in no uncertain terms. It's been a long time since the team had a genuinely athletic presence on the blindside. Charles Leno Jr. was serviceable, but it was a significant downgrade on Trent Williams all things considered.

Fautanu thrives in pass protection. His quick footwork and explosiveness to the contact point allow him to gain the upper hand consistently. His hands are heavy, providing violence and physicality, making him a difficult proposition to get past in pursuit of the quarterback.

Once Fautanu becomes more effective on running plays and adds a little extra discipline to his pass-blocking sets, someone is going to have a tremendous player on their hands. It seems for all the smart money that he'll go in the first round. So if the Commanders want him, they need to jump the queue.