4 offensive tackles Commanders can draft to replace Charles Leno Jr.

The time for a long-term plan has arrived...
Charles Leno Jr.
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Commanders could draft Amarius Mims

The Washington Commanders are blessed with nine selections during the 2024 NFL Draft. Six of these are in the top 100. Four are within the first 67 picks. This gives general manager Adam Peters plenty of flexibility to react to what's unfolding above him once the organization selects their future franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall as most anticipate after Sam Howell was traded to the Seattle Seahawks.

If the Commanders feel it's the right thing to take the franchise forward, moving back into the first round becomes a viable option. Those in power must be convinced of one particular prospect, but giving up some of the team's rich assets to secure their desired target is something to consider depending on how the draft board plays out.

Amarius Mims is a frightening prospect. He is a huge presence - even for an offensive tackle. More importantly, the Georgia stud has the athleticism and accomplished technique to match.

Mims is a high-energy individual with impressive agility for someone standing at 6-foot-8 and weighing 340 pounds. The offensive tackle knows how to use leverage to his advantage and is a crushing force against the run for good measure.

The prospect needs to work on lowering his stance on occasion. But aside from that, very few things could be improved. If the Commanders like what they see and he drops past No. 15 overall, striking with conviction to bring Mims into the fold should be discussed.