4 nightmare scenarios for the Washington Commanders in 2024

These scenarios would be a nightmare for the Commanders.
Jahan Dotson
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There is a ton of excitement surrounding the dawning of a new era for the Washington Commanders. This season will probably not live up to a lot of fans' expectations. However, it will be full of hope and flashes for the future looking at the improved infrastructure and playing personnel.

Every season has a ceiling and a floor. There’s an obvious upside for dream scenarios. But there is fear of nightmare scenarios this season. This is something the Commanders will be looking to avoid in pursuit of making immediate progress under head coach Dan Quinn and his accomplished staff.

With this in mind, here are four nightmare scenarios Adam Peters and Quinn will be hoping don't befall the Commanders in 2024.

Commanders coaching staff is just another cycle of temporary fails

This team has gone through it all with recent coaching staff hires. Because of this, this new team led by head coach Dan Quinn, offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, and defensive coordinator Joe Whitt Jr. must be good enough for the sanity of the Washington Commanders' long-suffering support.

There are some questions surrounding them, nobody is disputing that. At the same time, there is also plenty of faith they can get the job done.

This season will prove or doubt whether Quinn and his prolific staff team have what it takes to be the future in Washington. Optimism is high the renewed energy in the building can amount to something more. But this is the NFL, where nothing is guaranteed.

This team might not be a playoff contender - or anything close - right away. However, having the team take obvious leaps through their schemes, play designs and leadership will go a long way over the early stage of the Commanders' vast rebuild.

If this promising coaching staff fails like those who came before, it will be a significant bump in the road.