4 most important Commanders offseason arrivals in 2023

Tavita Pritchard
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Eric Bieniemy - Commanders OC

Eric Bieniemy took a big risk by leaving the Kansas City Chiefs in favor of the Washington Commanders. Working with Patrick Mahomes every day was no doubt hard to walk away from, but individual career progression was the deciding factor behind his eventual decision to take his chances elsewhere.

Just why Bieniemy has been overlooked for numerous head coaching roles in recent years remains a mystery. But the general consensus around the league centers on poor interviews and whether Kansas City's phenomenal offense was more down to Andy Reid overseeing matters.

These rumors haven't gone unnoticed by Bieniemy, who now boasts full offensive control in Washington. Ron Rivera is also providing the respected figure with tasks in keeping with what a head coach should be doing day-to-day - another big tipping point behind his choice to join the Commanders.

Bieniemy's enthusiasm, dedication, and high standards have gone down well among the players so far. He wants them to succeed and get the Commanders out of the proverbial wilderness, which could be the final thing he needs to convince another team he's worthy of a top job.

The Commanders weren't a million miles away from the postseason last time around despite the offense spluttering more often than not. Bieniemy's creativity and exceptional track record almost guarantee improvements, which makes him the most important offseason addition of all by a considerable margin.