4 major observations from Sam Howell's performance at the NY Jets in Week 16

Sam Howell needed a bounce-back game in Week 16...

Sam Howell
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It might be over for Sam Howell

After throwing his second interception in the third quarter, Sam Howell was benched for a second time in consecutive weeks. With that came another body blow to the player's hopes of getting another year under center.

It didn't click for Howell. Once Jacoby Brissett came in, another touchdown quickly followed. That's a damning indictment of the waning belief in the quarterback from those in the building.

We've seen this on countless occasions throughout Ron Rivera's head coaching tenure and way beyond that where the Commanders are concerned. A young quarterback begins with promise. He quickly tails off. The cord gets cut and the player is cast aside without much remorse attached.

Just what the point in sitting Howell over the remaining two games is remains to be seen. It's something Rivera will contemplate - especially with his personal preference for instability at the position. But the last few weeks have been one hit after another after the head coach boldly claimed the franchise had finally found its franchise QB1 just a few weeks ago.

Nobody will be surprised if Brissett is under center next weekend against the San Francisco 49ers. That defense is ruthless and Howell will have a tough time. Rivera might decide a more experienced presence gives them a better chance to win.

What a sad turn of events for all involved. Howell most of all.