4 major observations from Sam Howell's performance vs. the Eagles in Week 8

How did QB1 fare against the division leaders?

Sam Howell
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Sam Howell's composed first half

Sam Howell clearly got a lot of confidence from his early success. The Washington Commanders put up far more of a fight in this one than they managed last time out at the New York Giants, which was thanks in no small part to the signal-caller's first-half contribution.

Howell's poise, accuracy, and ability to come through in clutch situations were evident throughout the opening two quarters. The North Carolina product looked better prepared and in fairness to the offensive line starting Chris Paul and Tyler Larsen for the first time in 2023, they were able to provide stable protection at long last.

As previously stated, offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy had a specific intent to get the football out of Howell's hands quickly. Everyone seemed to benefit aside from a couple of ill-advised calls, which had the Commanders holding a seven-point advantage at the interval.

Want further proof? Howell's statistics lent further weight to what was an impressive opening to the contest.

  • 92.3% completion
  • 226 passing yards
  • 2 touchdowns
  • 0 interceptions
  • 0 sacks against
  • 128.5 passer rating (ESPN)

Honestly, Howell seems to perform better against the most efficient defenses when there are no real expectations on the Commanders. Putting it all together against supposedly inferior opposition is the next big step.