4 major observations from Sam Howell's performance vs. the Bears in Week 5

How did QB1 fare with the primetime lights glaring?

Sam Howell
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Sam Howell is not the problem

Looking at how things unfolded throughout the game, the Washington Commanders have far bigger problems than Sam Howell. In fact, the quarterback is the least of their worries.

Howell put together an outstanding second half, even if it wasn't quite enough to conjure a stunning fightback. Had Joey Slye made his field goal with a little under five minutes remaining, things might have been different, but the signal-caller can take heart from another solid display - even if the end result didn't go Wasington's way.

The Commanders are being let down by factors way outside of Howell's control.

His performances can only do so much when the defense is giving up more than 30 points a game consistently. The offensive line just isn't up to the required standard, keeping up their league-leading sack rate against a Chicago Bears team that couldn't generate any sort of pressure over their first four games.

Still, there was far more good than bad where Howell was concerned. He'll hold himself accountable - especially for the costly interception in the first half - but the overall product was good and something the signal-caller can build on moving forward.

If other areas could live up to their lofty reputations, the Commanders wouldn't be on a three-game losing skid. Ron Rivera and his staff have an important mini-bye week coming up, so it's vital the correct adjustments are made to give Howell a fighting chance.

Because make no mistake, he has the tools.