4 major observations from Sam Howell's performance vs. the 49ers in Week 17

It's been quite a week for Sam Howell...

Sam Howell
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Sam Howell deserves to see it out

There is one game remaining. The Washington Commanders might have lost as expected against the San Francisco 49ers, but Sam Howell deserves to see this thing through before heading into an offseason of uncertainty.

What comes after that for almost everyone within the franchise is debatable. But what's the point in throwing Jacoby Brissett into the mix for one meaningless game? After all, he's a proven veteran performer who'll be leaving for another destination in free agency.

Ron Rivera doesn't need to get too cute, although nothing can be dismissed where his suspect quarterback management is concerned. Howell flashed moments of brilliance throughout the contest. It wasn't perfect, but nobody expected it to be considering the opponent.

It wasn't the result Howell wanted, but held his head high despite more costly turnovers. That in itself can be considered as a personal achievement.

Just ride out the final game with Howell. He's earned that much after everything the player has sacrificed in less-than-favorable circumstances with a lame-duck head coach during his first season as a starter.

It might not change his fate with the Commanders - especially after his poor second half. But it could increase interest from elsewhere if he's made available at some stage during the offseason.