4 looming decisions facing the Commanders over second half of 2023

Some big decisions are looming...

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
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What looming conundrums are awaiting the Washington Commanders' new ownership team over the second half of the 2023 season?

Barring any major moves or miracle finishes, the Washington Commanders will head into the 2024 offseason with more draft capital and salary-cap space than they have had in at least a decade. Say what you want about head coach Ron Rivera, but he has done a very professional job of righting a troubled ship.

If his coaching choices are not to your liking, you have to at least acknowledge that he will be leaving the organization in a better place than where he found it. That's assuming he does end up being made surplus to requirements by Josh Harris' ownership group at some stage.

Harris and company will have lots of decisions to make come the offseason. He stayed appropriately quiet for the first few months of his ownership but began to put his stamp on things at the trade deadline.

This centered around the decision to trade both Montez Sweat and Chase Young. Although difficult, this is the sort of cutthroat planning for a sustainable future that's been sorely lacking where the Commanders are concerned.

Of course, he won’t be waiting until the campaign concludes to begin the decision-making process. Let’s look at several key questions he will be pondering during the second half of the season.