4 late-round wide receiver prospects Commanders could draft in 2024

These prospects could be draft steals...

Cornelius Johnson
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Commanders could draft Casey Washington

The first two prospects were smaller guys. The final two are somewhat bigger.

Casey Washington played five seasons at Illinois and though he never was dazzling, he was very consistent, eventually developing into a reliable weapon. His final season numbers were respectable - 49 catches in 12 games and four touchdowns. But I think the wideout is only just beginning to show what he is capable of.

I just said that comparing Tulu Griffin to Gary Clark sets an unfair bar. Now, I’m going to do the exact opposite. Washington is Dax Milne - only I think he has the potential to his absolute ceiling.

We haven't seen that from Milne as he heads into a contract year. I think if Washington wears a Commanders uniform next year, the new coaches will be a lot smarter about how to use him.

Washington lined up outside for the Illini. In the pros, he should be running out of the slot. He has the natural feel to find soft spots in the defense and enough quickness to create short area separation. At 6-foot-1, the player can cause problems for smaller slot cornerbacks.

What Washington lacks in dynamic athleticism, he makes up for with excellent body control. Unlike the explosive smaller receivers mentioned previously, he can be a very reliable possession presence who makes big plays on third and short. The Commanders haven't had a receiver like that since at least the one good season Ryan Grant produced back in 2017.

They relied exclusively on backs and tight ends to run those routes during Ron Rivera’s tenure. Now that Logan Thomas has joined J.D. McKissic on the former Commanders player list, they sorely need a smart possession wideout to assume that role.