4 late-round wide receiver prospects Commanders could draft in 2024

These prospects could be draft steals...

Cornelius Johnson
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Commanders could draft Tulu Griffin

Don’t you hate when analysts make seemingly outlandish comparisons involving unproven prospects? Well, get ready for another one. In Tulu Griffin, I see a less talented version of Gary Clark.

It would be insane to expect that kind of production from the 5-foot-10, 180-pound Griffin. But when I watch him, he doesn’t look as small as his measurables suggest.

Some of the other players who smoked the 40-yard dash in the low 4.4-second bracket or below - as the Mississippi State prospect did - do look small to me. Jacob Cowing looks small to me. So does Anthony Gould. But I saw Griffin fight for contested catches. I saw him take shots and bounce back to his feet.

Like Jha’Quan Jackson, I don’t think Griffin can line up on the perimeter and make big plays downfield consistently. However, he has a role to play in the NFL.

In college, he could get open on deep posts. I saw Griffin make big plays on screens and sweeps, and I saw him seem unstoppable at times on kick returns. I even saw the playmaker make a couple of spin moves that got me thinking of Clark.

Griffin steadily improved throughout his college career and had a productive final season for the Bulldogs. Like Jackson, he is a low-risk weapon who will fall below a lot of bigger, flashier prospects on many teams’ draft boards. Getting him in one of the later rounds would be a great value choice by the Washington Commanders.