4 key Sam Howell observations at the Commanders' 2023 midseason point

Have the Commanders found their guy?
Sam Howell
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Sam Howell might be the guy

It's been a painstaking search to find a true franchise quarterback. Kirk Cousins was the last to hold such a distinction before his departure to the Minnesota Vikings in free agency as a constant stream of failed personnel moves from head coach Ron Rivera at football's most important position held the team back.

Now, things have changed.

There is a growing belief that the Washington Commanders have found their guy. Sam Howell is demonstrating all the qualities normally associated with long-term quarterback options, ranking second in passing yards through nine weeks and coming up with more big-time throws than anybody according to Pro Football Focus.

This is an uncertain time for the Commanders as Josh Harris' ownership group begins to stamp their mark on the football side of things. Fresh blood comes with fresh ideas, which could leave Howell on the outside looking in if a new coaching regime and general manager come into the fold.

That said, Harris is watching these games live. He can see the growth Howell's making with every passing week, which is also bringing long-term recommendations from influential figures such as Rivera and defensive tackle Jonathan Allen to further raise confidence.

It won't be going unnoticed by Harris, Magic Johnson, and others within Washington's ownership structure. There is a lot of football left and some exceptional defenses upcoming over the second half of 2023, but it does appear as if the Commanders might have their man at the midseason point.


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