4 intriguing developments from Commanders 2024 OTAs

Some intriguing developments have emerged from early workouts.
Dan Quinn
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Commanders owner Josh Harris' promise

One of the most interesting things reporters got to witness during Wednesday's session happened before players and staff took the field. There was a new turf surface in place, replacing the derelict version which was unfit for purpose. It had been in place for three decades - a testament to Dan Snyder's lack of investment throughout a cataclysmic ownership tenure.

This was a positive step in the right direction. Josh Harris' ownership group is working hard to ensure the facilities are more in keeping with a leading NFL team. They paid more than $6 billion to wrestle the Commanders from Snyder's grasp, so maximizing this ongoing investment is crucial.

Dan Quinn acknowledged this was a pact Harris made to everyone associated with the franchise. Something he hopes can provide the confidence needed to effectively prepare for the challenges that lie ahead in 2024 and beyond based on comments via the team's website.

"That's his pact to the guys. And knowing that like, there's a way to dig in to let him know that he's going to turn over every rock, so to speak, to make this experience as strong as it could be. Man, are we appreciative of that. So it'll be another grass field that we'll have here, and hopefully that'll be by the end of training camp. That's the timeline for that as we're going forward. But, it's a pretty cool thing to see that when there's a chance to do it a little better. And obviously you see a lot of construction going on here, and taking that shot to do it, we've got a lot of appreciation for Josh and his team in what they're trying to accomplish here."

Dan Quinn via Commanders.com

Having this sense of security cannot be anything other than positive. Players and coaches know those in ownership are doing everything in their power to surge the franchise forward. They should be pushing with everything to accomplish the same.

If this blossoming working partnership continues in a similar trend over the weeks and months ahead, it might not be much longer before the Commanders return to the league's top table after being ostracized under Snyder.