4 intriguing developments from Commanders 2024 OTAs

Some intriguing developments have emerged from early workouts.
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Commanders on Brandon McManus release

The Washington Commanders had an unnecessary complication with kicker Brandon McManus. A statement from the team indicated they would be accumulating information after allegations of sexual assault emerged. This resulted in cutting the veteran loose just a few short weeks after his free-agent arrival.

This was the correct decision. Nobody is making a judgment on McManus' innocence or guilt. But after so much scandal throughout Dan Snyder's ownership, it's a problem those in power didn't need.

When discussing McManus' release in front of the media, Dan Quinn couldn't say much aside from when they found out about the allegations. Instead of focusing on the negativity, the head coach used this as a teaching moment for his players based on comments via the team's website.

"Yeah, and I think number one, I think you guys would all understand this is under investigation. So, I can't comment a lot, but what I can say is a little bit about what I told the team and I think like most things, not necessarily related to this, but as a lesson, let's make sure you always let somebody know and tell them. There's usually a whole bunch of people that wanna be part of the solution. And so when you have that, whether that's for this team or any team or a parent, that kind of communication allows you to come up with some solutions. So, we did release [K] Brandon [McManus]. I found out some of the information on May 27 and then we released him on June 3."

Dan Quinn via Commanders.com

Expect the Commanders to examine other kickers despite signing Ramiz Ahmed to pull the gap initially. This should be a stark warning to every player. The same character flaws tolerated by the old regime are something Quinn and his staff won't stand for.

What comes next for McManus is unclear. But that's no longer the Commanders' concern after they acted swiftly to remove the distraction.