4 head coach/general manager partnerships the Commanders must consider in 2024

The Commanders must find the right balance with their hires this offseason.

Ray Agnew
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Commanders could look to the 49ers

  • Head Coach: Bobby Slowik
  • General Manager: Adam Peters

If the Washington Commanders want to study successful models from around the league and copycat, then looking at the San Francisco 49ers is another smart approach. Something the billionaire might be able to discuss in greater depth with the NFC West outfit after the two sides square off at FedEx Field this weekend.

Adam Peters is going to be a hot name during the upcoming general manager cycle. He's seen as the Niners' secret weapon during their impressive roster management. Almost every decision aside from their trade-up for quarterback Trey Lance has been a home run. They've also managed to maintain financial flexibility while others around the NFL deal with substantial salary-cap complications.

The Commanders won't be alone if they wish to bring Peters to the franchise. He looks more than ready for a step up to become a primary shot-caller. This could also see Bobby Slowik generate head coaching interest to bring a previous connection to Washington.

Slowik and Peters have ties from their time together on the Niners. More importantly, the progressive coach has thrived in his role as Houston Texans offensive coordinator this season after following DeMeco Ryans to Texas.

His innovative concepts coupled with C.J. Stroud's development make Slowik an intriguing candidate. Whether the Commanders are after someone with a little more experience remains to be seen, but this tandem could potentially be on the shortlist when push comes to shove.